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POLY-TUB RESTORATIONTM Ugly Tub-PTR Of Northern Ohio Inc.TM process is warranted from the date of completion for the life of the dwelling and may be transferred to new property owners. WE guarantee it will not chip crack or peel providing all requirements listed below are met.  The guarantee refers to the coatings used to glaze the tub.  This does not cover any chip damage or worn porcelain that had to be sprayed.  The PTR dealer has the sole right to determine if all requirements have been met and retreat at no additional charge along with the annual maintenance inspection or to re-treat the tub at the customers option at any time in the future at a cost not to exceed 50% of the then current price.  Abuse, misuse or accidents voids all warranties.  Chip repair and touch up painting is not guaranteed.
For all tubs New or Restored

All new or refinished bathtubs must meet the following requirements.  All bathtubs must be manufactured or retrofitted with a permanent slip resistant tub bottom surface that complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990.  The tub bottom or safety walking surface must comply with the American Standard Testing Method (ASTM) F462-79.  This standard for tub bottom safety is established by the United States Government.  PTRTM Slip Resistent surfaces meet or exceed all U.S. Government requirements

THINGS TO DO: After each use of the bathtub, it should be wiped dry.  The stand pip to the shower head of the tub should be drained after each use by turning the shower valve ½ turn.  Water dripping from leaky faucets will damage surface, and void warranty.  No bottle, can, sponge, soap, unapproved bath mat, or any item that might trap water or dampness under it should be left on the treated surface.  The surface should be cleaned with PTRTM white cleaning pad only.

THINGS NOT TO DO: Avoid using dyes, tints, colorants and strong chemicals such as mildew removers, bleach, concentrated soaps, abrasives such as (Comet, Ajax, Zud) or any product containing acids or ammonia.  These products should not be used on new or restored tubs, they may permanently damage the surface requiring professional repair service.