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Bathtub Chip Repair

Do you own a beautiful porcelain bathtub, that has become ugly because of chipped sides? Are you looking for someone who can replace the bathtub cost effectively, but replacement is too expensive, Ugly Tub is here to be the answer to all your bathtub problems! At Ugly tub, we provide bathtub repair, refinishing, coating and high quality refurbishing, services that are not only excellent in quality but are also cost-effective.

Your bathtub especially porcelain bathtub can be chipped from the sides easily if it becomes too dry, and although you are told that you can fix it with few easy steps using a hair dryer and a chipping compound, but as a bathtub repair company in North Ohio, we have seen customers who couldn’t. So at Ugly tub, we have come up with more durable and cost-effective solutions rather than the home based solutions that causes the tubs to be chipped again within few days. Our team consists of experts of the field who have been working on providing following Bathtub Restoration, Bathtub Refinishing, Bathtub Refurbishing, Bathtub Reglazing, Bathtub Coating, Porcelain Coating, Porcelain Restoration and Porcelain Refinishing, etc. for years. So, we can take care of all your bathtub chipping problems.

You no longer have to pay for ineffective solutions that are non-durable and costing you a lot, because at ugly tub, we just wait for our customers to call us and take care of the rest. So if you have any bathtub problems, especially porcelain chipping problems, and you are looking for a long-term and permanent solution for the problem, then contact Ugly Tub’s team today.

We provide services in North Ohio and surrounding areas, so if you are looking for any bathtub related services in that area, all you have to do is call us to you or come to us with your problem and we will provide you the solution you need.

Chipped Bathtub Before Restoration
Chipped Bathtub Restored