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Customer Recommendation

In today's day and age, we have seen so many contractors with the "get in, get out" mentality. We want to re-assure you that Ugly Tub is no just your average contactor, we care about you as a customer and doing the job right. That's why we take pride in our bathtub refinishing. But don't just hear from us, hear what the others say about us!

To Ugly Tub,

I wanted to write this because you are one of the rare contractors I have been involved with for many years and still receiving the same great result.
I received your ad for tub refinishing in the mail back in 1998. Being in the property management business for 16 years at that time I had seen and used many tub refinishers. All of them basically painted the tub, you could not use the tub for at least 24 hours and at best would last for a year before it would start peeling. To say the least I was skeptical about any tub refinishing. After speaking with Dennis the owner I had the tub at my house done by him to find out what this new process was all about, how long it will last and to see if his claim that the tub could be used as soon as he was done was true. If it was true, this would be a breakthrough in getting tubs refinished in occupied suites. When Dennis arrived at my home I told him I would be using the shower right after he left. He did not have a problem with that. After he completed the tub it looked great. He left and I immediately used the shower expecting to see paint run down the drain. That did not happen. The tub kept its great look and shine. I sold the house a year later and the tub still looked like the day it was refinished. I started using Ugly Tub in the apartment buildings I managed back then and continue to use them today. I have not found another tub refinisher that delivers the results that Ugly Tub delivers. I want to thank you for introducing me to you process of tub refinishing and I plan to keep the relationship with Ugly Tub going for many years to come.

F. DiPenti