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Bathtub Rust Removal

You have probably tried DIY ideas for removing rust from your bathtub, but the problem still persists, and your baking soda and salt solution is not working. If you are going through this, then Ugly Tub is here to take away from rust from your ugly bath tub and make your bathtub look shiny and new. Based in Northern Ohio, Ugly Tub has years of experience in serving clients in Ohio and surrounding areas. Our customer base is satisfied with the solutions we provide, because we are known for never over charging and always providing the exact solutions our customers need.

Bathtubs can become rusty due to many reasons, keeping a bathtub clean usually helps in preventing accumulation of rust in bathtubs, but if the chemical reaction between the oxygen in water and the iron present in both household water supply, has occurred, then you are going to face the problem of rust in your bathtub. Especially in porcelain bathtubs, rust is built easily, and in order to help you remove the rust from your bathtub, Ugly Tub is providing bathtub rust removal services, in addition to our bathtub refinishing, bathtub refurbishing, Bathtub Reglazing, Bathtub Coating, Porcelain Coating, Porcelain Restoration, Porcelain Refinishing, Porcelain Refurbishing, Porcelain Deglazing, Bath Mats, Non-Skid Surface, and chip repair etc.

At Ugly Tub, we use non-chemical, non-toxicants for bathtub rust removal, so that we keep your bathroom toxicant free and secure. We have an efficient team with years of experience who will deal with your problem in an utmost professional way, and will provide you cost and time-effective services you need. The best part is you no longer have to wait for weeks to get the cleaner to your place and remove the rust, you can contact Ugly Tub at any time, and someone from our team will be there in no time.

Rusted Bathtub Before Restoration


Rusted Bathtub Restored