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Our Bathtub Restoration Process

Our bathtub restoration process is done with precision and care to ensure you have a bathtub that lasts a lifetime!

How to restore a bathtub.

First the bathtub is prepped for reglazing. This includes removing any paint, debri, caulk, and/or any previous non skid surfaces.

Next, the bathtub is acid washed to remove any staining, and provide a fresh, clean surface for reglazing.

Once the tub is clean and free of any dirt, stains, etc. then we can identify and repair any damaged areas.

To protect the tub, as well as the customer, a permanent non-skid surface is then applied to the floor of the bathtub.

Finally, a new glaze is applied. Once the glaze has been applied the tub is ready for use!

Check out more pictures of our process of restoring and refinishing bathtubs in our picture gallery.







Non-Skid Surface Installation